How To Renovate Your Home To Suit Your New Lifestyle

January 13, 2023

2002 called, it wants the built-in CD/DVD storage rack in the family room back.

If you’ve been living in your home through for a decade or two, your life is very likely much different then it was 10-20 years ago. Maybe your kids have been out of the house for a while – that’s if they haven’t moved back in with you. The last few years have been hard on millennials let’s be honest here.

Times they are a changing; and so is your lifestyle. Let me give you some examples and see if you can relate:

-You have 3 bedrooms upstairs but your oldest lives in Toronto with his wife, your middle kid moved to Thailand and you’re youngest is at UVic. There is a mysterious treadmill/lat pulldown machine in one of the rooms that may need to be chain-sawed in half to remove it. It currently has 3 towels drying in it.

-You have a basement “playroom” that hasn’t been played in since 2003

-Your main bathroom is cramped, the hot water handle in the shower keeps falling off and the lighting makes you look like a dead person.

Now imagine your home in a different way:

-The bathroom you use every day is gorgeous and spacious. With new lighting beside the mirror, you look like a million bucks. You already did by the way – but your bathroom lighting was just terrible.

-Your dedicated basement gym is bright and fresh with a brand new Pelton Treadmill and Bike. At 4pm you are there with your Spotify playlist ready to be blasted through your new ceiling speakers.

-You just slipped into your new office upstairs with a cup of coffee, closed the doors and you’re ready for that video call. So much better than cramming yourself onto the couch as your laptop slips off your lap.

Not just renovating but reimagining 

When we talk renovations, we’re not just talking about re-tiling and refreshing, we’re talking about reimagining your home. We spend so much of our lives here, in our homes – and most of don’t even realize how much better they could be and what that means for our mental health and well being.

When your home is designed around your needs as they are now, you can start to actually use it. This Wall Street Journal study from a few years ago goes into detail about how we mostly use the kitchen area, our bedrooms one bathroom – that’s it. You’ve invested in your home, so why not use the space you have and create a home the reflects you?

The reason we say that your dream home is just a renovation away is that most people don’t need a new home, they just need their home to be adjusted to the suit the new person that lives there – you.