A Simple Process

Your bathroom should be a place for stress relief, overflowing with beauty and serenity. If it’s not, it’s time it became that place. To create your new spa-like bathing oasis, you’ll need two things: a design and a plan.

A design is the end result; the beauty and functionality of your bathroom. A plan is your detailed roadmap of how to get there. Your bathroom renovation should be easy and fun, with the chance to get creative and create a space that melts the stress away after a long day. It should be organized to the letter and the dollar, with no leaps of faith required. The process is really simple. From choosing the right bathtub to picking out that easy to clean, gorgeous tile, it’s going to be a blast and we’re going to help you every step of the way.

All Types of Bathrooms

Powder rooms, master ensuites, and every other configuration. Your bathroom, your ideas, and your unique new space. A custom bathroom is your portal to a more relaxed life; your place to recharge in peace.

The plan to build it should be just as relaxing and stress-free, with a full set of design drawings, a courteous crew, a full schedule and a fixed cost. If your bathroom renovation isn’t fun and exciting, you’re doing it wrong!

Let’s Start Your Dream Bathroom Reno

The process of renovating your old and uninviting bathroom is simple, fun and headache-free. We promise you’ll have an absolute blast creating your new zen, spa-like space. And when we’re complete? You’ll enjoy a place to relax and recharge for years and years to come.

A Simple, Fun Design Process

An Easy Guide to Your Renovation

A Friendly Team To Help Get You There

With The Personalized Care You Deserve

“I would highly recommend BuilderWorks. Blake and Brian did a fabulous job. They were great to work with … friendly, professional, hard-working. They maintained a super clean workspace, and I didn’t have to clean up anything. Super impressed and VERY happy with the result. Would definitely use this company again without hesitation!”

A Process That Works

A process that’s straightforward and easy to understand, it’s really the best way. We make these steps uncomplicated so we can get to renovating your dream space as quickly as possible.

Let’s Find Out What You Need

It all starts with a phone call, before anything else, we’re here to listen first.

Setting The Budget & Designing

Let’s start by setting a budget for your project. This can be set by you, or we can help you come up with target budget ranges.

Let’s Build Your New Space!

Ready, set let’s go! It’s time to make your dreams come true, literally.