Living & Dining Renovations

Your living room and dining rooms are your spaces to recoup, relax and entertain. Typically these types of renovations are ‘live through’ renovations. Your space is sacred and we want to affect your life as little as possible with a living space renovation. This means full dust containment, spotless clean up at the end of every day and full communication throughout the process. You’ll be glad you decided to make the spaces you spend the most time in evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, during and after your renovation process.

Full Home Renovations

A main floor renovation, a basement renovation, or a secondary suite? It’s a process you will never regret and one you’ll never forget. How do you make sure you set your full home renovation up for success? By planning, reviewing, discussing and confirming all of the information and design details before you proceed. Everything in your renovation should be clear, including who your site supervisor is, the schedule, and what the exact cost will be. With a major renovation, nothing can be left to chance – and the greatest part? It doesn’t need to be!

Let’s Start Your Dream Interior Reno

The process of renovating any interior space in your home is simple, fun and headache-free. We promise you’ll have an absolute blast creating your new and inviting living space. And when we’re complete? You’ll enjoy a place to relax, unwind and and entertain for years and years to come.

A Simple, Fun Design Process

An Easy Guide to Your Renovation

A Friendly Team To Help Get You There

With The Personalized Care You Deserve

“Truly an awesome company to have our work done. Explained the procedure and accommodated additional trouble spots. Work started on schedule and was completed on time. Will use again!”

A Process That Works

A process that’s straightforward and easy to understand – it’s the best way. We make these steps uncomplicated so we can get to renovating your dream space as quickly as possible.

Let’s Find Out What You Need

It all starts with a phone call, before anything else, we’re here to listen first.

Setting The Budget & Designing

Let’s start by setting a budget for your project. This can be set by you, or we can help you come up with target budget ranges.

Let’s Build Your New Space!

Ready, set let’s go! It’s time to make your dreams come true, literally.