Small Renovations & Millwork

You have small projects, and you need a reputable builder to make them a reality. We love the challenge that small projects bring, and the difference they make in the lives of our clients.

Be it a living room renovation, a dining room upgrade or just a refresh, we treat our small jobs with as much careful management as our large ones. Every project has a dedicated site supervisor that ensures the project is seen through to completion and clean-up.

We treat your home as we’d treat our own, with care and love. Every project deserves a craftsman’s touch, and we pour our heart and soul into every project, no matter the size.

Decks and Covered Patios

We’re fanatics for beautifully crafted outdoor spaces, and that includes small decks and porticos. Something as simple as this new portico and deck increased the functionality of this back entrance tenfold.

What’s important to us is your day to day experience in your home. A small renovation can be all that’s needed to rekindle how your feel about and use a space. It starts with hearing your needs and putting your ideas to paper.

When it comes to smaller projects like decks and covered spaces, we’re the masters of listening to your needs and turning your ideas into reality. Let’s get started on something small – but great.

Let’s Start Your Small Project

The process of starting and finishing a smaller project is simple, fun and completely headache-free. You’ll have a blast coming up with ideas for your small project, and when we’re complete? That millwork cabinet, or that bathroom refresh will finally be checked off the list!

A Simple, Fun Design Process

An Easy Guide to Your Renovation

A Friendly Team To Help Get You There

With The Personalized Care You Deserve

“Truly an awesome company to have our work done. Explained the procedure and accommodated additional trouble spots. Work started on schedule and was completed on time. Will use again!”

A Process That Works

A process that’s straightforward and easy to understand – it’s the best way. We make these steps uncomplicated so we can get to renovating your dream space as quickly as possible.

Let’s Find Out What You Need

It all starts with a phone call, before anything else, we’re here to listen first.

Setting The Budget & Designing

Let’s start by setting a budget for your project. This can be set by you, or we can help you come up with target budget ranges.

Let’s Build Your New Space!

Ready, set let’s go! It’s time to make your dreams come true, literally.