Step 1

The Initial Phone Call

Creating your new space is all about you and your dreams for your home. The first step is listening to you, your needs and coming up with a strategy for a successful renovation that works for your life.

It all starts with a phone call. Before anything else, we’re here to listen first.

Renovator on a call with you
Step 2

In Person Meeting

Let’s start by reviewing your project in person. At our first meeting, we’ll help you come up with feasible options for renovation. Next, we’ll come up with budget ranges for you, so you can make an informed decision with your project. We’re a Full Service renovator which means: we can design your space for you, using local designers as part of our offering.

Two people standing
Step 3

Setting The Budget & Designing

Ready, set, let’s start design! It’s time to make your dreams come true, on paper/PDF first! It’s a win for you when you know exactly what your project will look like when completed – and the exact cost.  With the project built on paper/PDF first, you eliminate guess work risk.

A 3D render of a small bathroom
Step 4

Permit & Building Process

Once your permit is approved, your favorite new tradespeople can start your project and soon you will get to enjoy your breathtaking new living space. It’s how you always dreamed your home would be – functional, stunning, comfy. With the knowledge that everything was done by the book, you can sit back, open a bottle of wine and enjoy your new and improved life.

Renovator installing a door frame