Renovating in North or West Vancouver? High Speed Renos Vs Slow Renos

November 18, 2022

When you’re embarking on a renovation project, keep in mind that nothing is going to be “fast”. Renovating your home will be the result of well thought out, custom, local craftsmanship. There’s no formula for the high speed version of this.

Let me tell you why I’m bringing this up:

For some reason, I’m seeing a rise in contractors advertising for ‘one day’ bathroom renovations. Or ‘5 day kitchen renos’. I know most of my clients would see right through this complete nonsense but I thought it presented a good opportunity to discuss speed when it comes to a renovation project.

While renovating is not a high speed endeavor, it’s in everyone’s interest to go as fast AS POSSIBLE. But when it comes to carefully demolishing and crafting a part of your home anew, speed comes second to quality and design. Always.

The part of a renovation that should definitely not be rushed is the planning and designing aspect, and for good reason. This is a time for imagination. About dreaming and  envisioning your future life in your home with the things you’ve saved up for for years. Products that are elegant, timeless and LAST. The planning stage is also a great time for changing things. Changing things digitally is much more inexpensive than halfway through completion, but you already knew that!

The desire for speed when renovating doesn’t stem from wanting something to get done sooner, that ‘need for speed’ only comes up when clients are renovating for the wrong reasons. If you’re renovating for the RIGHT reasons, speed becomes less important than results.

So if you’re thinking of a renovation and someone tells you they’ve found the formula for high speed renovating while maintaining quality, run in the other direction.