It’s Time To Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

No one should have to live within a home that doesn’t suit them, that lacks function and careful design. Your home should reflect who you are, look stunning and feel even better. The process is simple, fun and headache-free, we promise you’ll have a blast. After all, why shouldn’t you!

We’re a full service renovator, which means we tackle the design, we apply for the permit and we build your space. Every complicated aspect is done for you, because you’re busy enough already. After your renovation is complete, your home will invoke feelings of excitement, look stunning and increase in value – Monetary AND personal value. We keep things simple so you can get to love your new space right away.

A Simple, Fun Design Process

Design always follows your budget. This way, there’s no surprises at any point. Once the budget’s set and the design is done, it’s time to create your new space.

An Easy Guide to Your Renovation

A simple to understand, 4-step process to make the entire process crystal clear. Why complicate things? We want the process to be easy and fun. Your success is our success.

A Friendly Team to Help You Get There

Your goals are our goals. If we decide to become renovation partners, our friendly team of staff wants your project to be a success. It’s your home, and we know we’re guests in it.

With The Personalized Care You Deserve

You and your home are incredibly unique and your needs deserve to be listened to and taken into account with your renovation project. When you feel heard, we’ve done our job!

“Truly an awesome company to have our work done. Explained the procedure and accommodated additional trouble spots. Work started on schedule and was completed on time. Will use again!”

“ALL THAT AND MORE: While we absolutely agree with all of the kind words supplied by every commenter here, one other thing about Blake that stood out for us in particular: his ability to address conventional problems in creative ways. We are pretty picky about the finished look inside our house, and Blake always sought out functional workarounds that addressed our visual concerns—that’s pretty rare in a tradesman.”

“I would highly recommend BuilderWorks. Blake and Brian did a fabulous job. They were great to work with … friendly, professional, hard-working. They maintained a super clean workspace, and I didn’t have to clean up anything. Super impressed and VERY happy with the result. Would definitely use this company again without hesitation!”

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen and dining area, it’s where a lot of life happens. Spaces, where you spend most of your time, should always be the best they can be, especially in the heart of the home. To help you get there, we create full design drawings, help you make your selections, and give you a full schedule, all at a fixed cost. So let’s stop dreaming, and start building your brand new kitchen, the brand new heart of your home.

A new Kitchen in West Vancouver

Bathroom Renovations

A well-designed, gorgeous bathroom is everything. A relaxing space where each and every design aspect compliments the next is vital for your inner well-being and state of mind. Let us help raise your bathroom to the level you deserve, so you can operate at your very best every day.

A floating 2 sink vanity


Your home – reimagined. When your home is lacking in a calming aesthetic, natural light and usable space it’s time for a change. Sometimes, it’s time for an overhaul. An interior renovation can change your mood, improve your health and start connecting the dots to better living. If you’ve never used a full-service renovation company to reinvent your home and yourself, this might be the year to make that a reality.

A living room with a fireplace


We love when our clients start the process of an exterior renovation, there’s so much potential for what your home could be and we know how exciting it is to be able to give your home a facelift. From exterior revamps, new outdoor living spaces and yard renovations, BuilderWorks has the experience, skillset and process to bring your ideas to life, because a home that suits you, is the home you deserve.

A new pool and patio

Small Projects

When BuilderWorks first began, small jobs were the backbone of the company, and we still offer small project services today. Why? Because we want to work with amazing people, and amazing people have ideas to improve their home in small ways too.

An outdoor light fixture on a wall