The Positive Psychology of Home Renovating

July 21, 2022

When you set out on a renovation project, it can be one of the biggest expenses of your life. It’s common to think of this a stressful process, but I wanted to turn that idea on its head and go into the positive psychology of renovating your home. It’s important to know that this can and will be a positive experience during and after the process.

Working With Others On A Common Goal Lifts Your Mood

Whether this is with your partner, your family or your renovating team, working with a group of people on a common goal is like playing a team sport. It gives you something to focus on and have fun with, while working on shared challenges together. These past years have made isolation all too easy, and working together¬†with people on a common goal might be exactly what we need more of in a post Covid world. While a renovation is a temporary endeavor, the affects from going through the process can be long lasting. Figuring out problems together and seeing the results of your labour is hugely satisfying. And when it’s your own home? You get to live inside that accomplishment every day.

The Changes To Your Home Can Improve Your Outlook & Your Health

For some, this might mean a more beautiful and inviting space, but for others, the positive benefits can be even further reaching. Functional and mechanical upgrades can make your home more comfortable & livable, which can have a direct and immediate affect on your health. For others, an Adaptive home renovation allows for ‘live in place’ accommodations like stair lifts, elevators and improved accessibility. Taking it a step further, a green renovation that reduces your home’s carbon output, can reach so far as to improve everyone’s life on a larger scale.

Tip: When you start the process of your renovation, consider things like mechanical upgrades and future provisions for adaptation as these are much easier to implement during a reno than after.

A Renovation Is A Gift To Yourself

I like to relate a renovation as a gift to yourself. This is especially true with a renovation that changes the function of your home in a big way. Sometimes a reno doesn’t need to do anything more than provide more comfort in your daily life, and that’s enough. We have a project coming up where we’re replacing a set of front entry steps. The current paver style steps are just tragic. When our clients walk up their new, stable, concrete stairs I doubt they’re going to think to themselves ‘wow what a waste of money’ more likely, they’ll think: ‘wow, I’m so glad we finally did this!’

With stylistic renovations, the project is arguably even more of a gift then a functional reno. Beautifying your home is one of the best ways to honor yourself, like buying yourself a new outfit or a new car. Perhaps they aren’t necessities to life, but they’re amazing celebrations of being alive. These things we do for ourselves are not only superficial, they change the way we feel about ourselves, improve our confidence and how we feel about life. If you can afford the investment, a renovated home is a personalized dream come true.